Aberdeen Investigations Inc. was established in 1991 by Rick Perkins.  Since its formation, Aberdeen Investigations has grown to become the strongest investigation company in Northern Ontario.

Gurpreet Singh joined Aberdeen Investigations Inc. in 2019 and became co-partner in 2020 expanding its operations across Ontario. With dedication, strong communication and customer service, Aberdeen has and will, continue to put the best interests of their clients first as it grows.

With a strong team, Aberdeen has dedicated time and resources to ensure all clients are provided with the best results possible. Aberdeen has clear vision to expand its operations nationally in coming years thanks to our client’s support, our dedication to service and our employee’s skill. We look forward to welcoming new clients and visiting with old clients.

About Us

Our client list includes all major insurance companies, life disability insurance companies, law firms and the government sector.  Our covert and mobile surveillance success is among the best in Ontario. This is a tribute to the careful and indepth training the investigators receive and the tenacity they bring to their jobs..

A lot of the major industries in Ontario have used our services for a number of reasons including Worker’s Compensation and other HR issues, theft, and shrinkage. We have used covert surveillance, hidden cameras, and in person investigations .

Aberdeen Investigations Inc. has gained knowledge, experience and extensive industry contacts, enabling us to conduct our investigations with ease, ensuring our investigators produce their results orientated goals. We work closely with our clients, getting them the evidence they need.

Aberdeen Investigations Inc. continues to be devoted to providing its clients with the highest degree of results. We are passionately committed to the clients we serve and our core values focus on relationship building. Providing quality work to our clients and industry partners is our number one priority. Our depth of experience, focus on innovation, and our desire for self-improvement will allow us to continue to be an industry leader.