Change In Leadership Roles

Gurpreet Singh has been appointed as a President & CEO effective January 1, 2021.

Gurpreet Singh is the CEO of Aberdeen Investigations. In 2007, Gurpreet established his career in the private investigation industry and attained extensive understanding and experience involving insurance fraud, undercover operations, interviews, and statement taking. Through his experience, Gurpreet has gained vast insight and outlook related to the expertise in this field. He has worked diligently at attaining senior management positions and achieving co-partnership at Aberdeen Investigations.
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Rick Perkins has been appointed as Executive Vice President of Investigations.

Rick Perkins is the Vice President of National Investigations at Aberdeen Investigations Inc. Rick has an extensive background in investigations. He provides discreet and reliable investigative solutions to clients and leads a high performance and professional team of investigators across Canada. Rick has spent his entire working career in Ontario and began his investigation career in 1981 and established Aberdeen Investigations in 1991. He has been involved in settling many serious and large civil litigation suits filed in Ontario. His track record of providing compelling and reliable evidence is exemplary. Rick has conducted and attended seminars, client events, and international studies to enhance his knowledge and portfolio and been honored with his election to the prestigious Council of International Investigators. His commitment and hard work have led him to establish a well-organized and result orientated company that is passionately committed to the clients they serve. Rick has taken his experience and implemented it into his training with all Aberdeen employees as they also strive to provide the best evidence and solutions.
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Bruno Bonazza has been appointed as Executive Vice President of Business Development.

As the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Aberdeen Investigations Inc., Bruno Bonazza is involved in all facets of client relations, strategic sales, and marketing plans. Bruno graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts, Majors in Crime & Deviance and Sociology, has a proven track record, with over 27 years of experience in the investigation industry. Over time, Bruno has managed and developed various Ontario companies, which reached new heights as a result of Bruno’s influence. As he carries vast experience and knowledge, Bruno will work to maintain and pursue productive and long-term relationships with existing and potential clients. Through his dedication and loyalty, he will oversee the management, assessment, and development of various departments in order to successfully maintain client relationships at Aberdeen Investigations. Bruno will identify new market segments and assess operational matters to support Aberdeen’s clients and thrive in the competitive market, with his developed skill set and proficiency in the industry. His thorough experience in all aspects of the investigation process, preceded by his training as an independent adjuster and holding his ARP designation as a vocational rehabilitation professional, he will further the goals and grand potential for the future of Aberdeen Investigations Inc.
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