We earn our client’s trust by always providing a product they know will be good, honest and persuasive. Clients have come to rely on our evidence to be the best they can acquire. Our video evidence and background investigators have become an industry standard and help to bring an end to much unwanted litigation.

Our staff of independent investigators provide the best experience available to our clients. Each investigator comes with their own expertise. We allow each to do what they do best, be that surveillance, interviews, skip tracing, backgrounds or process serving.

Our business is not a part-time job for us, nor is it a retirement project. Our investigators work on files on a full time basis. They invest their money in their own surveillance van and equipment and work all hours of the day or night as required. They have pride in their work and rise to a challenge.

We have re-invested our profits in new support equipment for our staff including radios, quality surveillance cameras, concealed surveillance cameras, video printers, court presentation t.v.’s, vcr’s, etc.