Nothing is more troubling than not knowing what’s going on. Is your spouse or significant other cheating on you or are you just being paranoid? These events are life changing and you need help!!

We take a professional approach to this extremely personal problem. We will provide you with a consultation with guidance on how to carry out our investigation.

We will make use of modern technology and experience to uncover the evidence you’ll need to make decisions about your future.

Here are 28 warning signs of an affair for just telephone use. We have a book available by Rick Perkins on how to catch a cheater:

  • Your partner may suddenly buy a new cellular phone or pager with no good reason saying they just want to be able to keep in touch, or in case of emergencies, or for work.
  • They may keep the phone or pager on vibrate mode.
  • They may get new optional voice mail on their cell
  • They might lock out the keypad so you can’t access the voice mail
  • They will go outside to use the cordless or cell phone
  • They may hang up quickly, turn off their phone, or not answer it when it rings
  • They will move away from you when you approach
  • They might whisper or talk in short stilted conversations
  • Your home will get calls at weird times
  • You may get odd hang up calls
  • You may get wrong numbers from the same voice
  • You may get calls for your partner from new voices
  • Your answering machine will be constantly erased
  • Your partner beats you to the phone when it rings
  • Your partner calls the answering machine while you are out together, for no apparent reason
  • They will not return the call immediately, or won’t return pages while you’re around
  • You’re not allowed to answer the phone
  • You may get your landline phone canceled so that all that remains is the cell phone in your partner’s possession
  • Changing the phone number to unpublished
  • Putting in a new line “for the computer”
  • Leaving the room to make a call
  • Using a pay phone
  • Using a calling card to make untraceable calls
  • Checking caller ID when there’s a call and not picking up the phone
  • Always erasing caller ID
  • Calling you when they usually do not, to be sure where you are, or even because they are feeling badly about what they are doing
  • Your calls to work or the new cellular phone go completely unanswered or the calls are not returned quickly
  • Your partner is able to phone the number of someone they supposedly barely know, without having to look it up.