Rick Perkins

President and lead investigator.
Rick Perkins comes from a banking and investigation background. He spent 13 years in the banking industry and the past 28 years in the private investigation field. All of his working life has been in Northwestern Ontario His expertise in conducting surveillance and investigations in addition to his data base of claimants is renowned.

He has been involved in settling most of the serious and large civil litigation suits filed in Northwestern Ontario. His track record of providing compelling and reliable evidence is enviable.

Rick has been honoured with his election to the prestigious Council of International Investigarors. This is a group of seasoned investigators recognized by their peers as being the best in their field.

Our Field Investigators and Surveillance Experts have a minimum of 5 years private investigative experience and, in one case, 24 years experience conducting surveillance in personal injury cases. Another of our investigators has over 30 years police experience.

We have a trained strike response unit that is ready for a quick response to these happenings. All of our investigators are licensed, insured and bonded. Three of us work on investigations on a full time basis. All our employees strive to earn and keep your trust and confidence in our product.

Our dealings with Workers’ Compensation claims has led to our company being relied on as one of the few in Ontario to be recognized and permitted to carry on these types of investigations.