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Our Services

Aberdeen Investigations has comprehensive access to information in both the public and private sectors.
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Surveillance & Investigations
Specializing in insurance and fraud investigations, our team of seasoned investigators come from various backgrounds and have decades of experience in the private investigation sector.

Casualty Insurance Investigations Property Insurance Investigations Fraud & Theft Investigations

Life & Health Investigations Undercover Operations Mobile & Static Investigations

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S.I.U & Background
Experienced professionals, both from the private investigation sector and various police services, who bring decades of experience working in special investigations on bodily injury, property loss, thefts and employee and corporate background investigations.

Scene Investigations


Neighborhood Canvassing

Statements & Interviews


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Government & Corporate
​Offering services and coverage ranging from employee relations to HR investigations, our investigators and consultants offer solutions to corporate and government clients helping eliminate risks to their operations and overall goals.

Human Resources Investigations

Strike Coverage & Employee Relations

Security & Protection Services Workplace Harassment Investigations Professional Misconduct Investigations Employee Dispute

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Risk Mitigation & Assessment
Our consultants and investigators are highly trained and skilled at recognizing risks and preventing them for causing unnecessary and costly impacts to an organization’s operational goals and longevity.

Risk Assessment & Identification ISO 9001 Quality Control Risk Mitigation & Planning Control Systems & Procedures

Internal Audits & Verification

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Cyber & OSINT
Conducting cyber and open-source investigations helps to ensure our clients are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date information to help them make informed business decisions. 

Clearnet Social Media Investigations

Extensive Deep Dive Investigations Open-Source Information Gathering Preliminary Searches

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Locates, Backgrounds & Process Serving
Our team of experts have worked with clients from all walks of life and understand the importance of professional confidential service, assisting in locates and process serving. 


Corporate & Individual Records Property Records Occurrence/Police Reports

FOI Requests

Court Records & Documents Serving Documents

Background Investigations

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