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Private Investigator Training Course

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Welcome to Introduction to Private Investigation - British Columbia. Private investigation is a diverse profession requiring a broad range of knowledge and skills. During the course of a career, a private investigator will work in many different areas: from insurance fraud and corporate crime to missing persons and executive protection. In every case, a private investigator must be equipped with basic skills and strategies to ensure effective outcomes for clients. Introduction to Private Investigation - British Columbia is a comprehensive training course for individuals seeking to obtain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to enter this industry. Content for this course was provided by the Professional Investigators' Association of British Columbia. This course meets legislated knowledge-based training requirements for individuals seeking a private investigator's security licence in the province of British Columbia. It is currently under review by provincial Registrars in other jurisdictions across Canada. Delivered in four modules, this online course is equivalent to 60 hours of classroom instruction and covers the following learning areas: Part I: Licensing, Liability, and Safety (2.5 hours) Part II: Legal (5.5 hours) Part III: Basic Tools of the Trade (7.5 hours) Part IV: Technological Aids (4.5 hours) Target Audience This course is designed for individuals who are preparing to obtain a Private Investigator's licence in Canada. It may also serve as a useful refresher for experienced investigators. Furthermore, this course will be of value to anyone in a career where investigation is an essential skill, including security, public safety, wildlife and fisheries conservation, environmental investigation, human resources, litigation support, social services, and other government ministries that conduct investigations. Price: $600 Language: English Estimated Length: 20 hours Release Date: October 2019 (revised December 2020)

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