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Locates & Process Serving

Our locates &  process serving services provide unmatched insights and efficiency while operating discreetly, respecting the privacy and integrity of all parties involved. 
Our specialized team excels in locating individuals, whether it is a missing person, a witness, or someone integral to your case. Our process serving service ensures legal documents are delivered accurately and within the time constraints.

FOI Request

We access records across multiple platforms and government agencies to obtain information that is essential to your handlings

Serving Documents

We provide timely delivery of legal documents, ensuring they reach the intended recipients with precision.

Service Highlights

Conducted on a priority basis, we leverage advanced techniques and databases to accurately locate individuals.

Property Records

We provide preliminary and in-depth examinations of property records, including ownership history, valuations, and legal standings.

Corporate Records 

Obtaining detailed information from corporate records and legal documents.

Occurrence/Police Reports 

Extracting pertinent information from occurrence and police reports, we offer a comprehensive perspective.

Court Records & Documents

Detailed disclosure of court records and documents to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of civil and criminal proceedings.

Background Investigations

We investigate an individual’s history, including employment, education, property, legal records, and more.

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