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Government & Corporate

From employee relations to human resources (HR) investigations, our investigators and consultants provide tailored solutions to corporate and government clients. We address a spectrum of issues, ensuring a thorough and insightful approach. Our service is designed to eliminate risks to your operations. By navigating complexities and uncovering potential issues, we empower you to fortify the integrity of your organization. 

Whether your inquiry leads us to government agencies or corporate entities across Canada, our investigations adapt to diverse scenarios.

Professional Misconduct Investigations

We address a spectrum of professional misconduct issues, providing clarity in complex situations and empowering organizations to maintain ethical standards.

Employee Relations

We excel in communicating and resolving conflicts, promoting a harmonious workplace environment even in challenging situations. We foster proactive employee relations strategies to prevent and address issues.

Service Highlights
Human Resources Investigations

We understand the importance of fairness in the workplace. Our investigations are designed to address a spectrum of issues, empowering organizations to foster a culture of inclusivity.

Strike Coverage, Security & Protection Services

From strikes to corporate settings and special events, we provide comprehensive security solutions, mitigating risks and safeguarding against potential threats. 

Workplace Harassment Investigations

Our service incorporates measures to address and prevent workplace harassment, providing actionable recommendations for organizations to strengthen their HR policies.

Employee Disputes

We excel in fostering collaborative solutions, promoting a workplace culture built on cooperation and understanding.

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